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My creations have been supported by Proteatro, the National Theatre Institute and the National Fund for the Arts of Argentina and IBERESCENA of Spain. As a creator I was part of the Frankfurt Moves Residency Program hosted by Frankfurt LAB theatre in Germany and supported by the KFW Stiftung Foundation. 


Errante comes from a long journey and cannot feel: she has lost her heart, however she is willing to find it.​


CREDITS: Dramaturgy: Omayra Martinez Garzón and Mauro Cosiansi, Costume design: Gabriella Gerdelics, Costume creation: Elena Faranda, Lighting design: Horacio Novelle, Design and realization of scenery and objects: Omayra Martínez Garzón, Music and design of the soundcape: Pablo Ramos Lopéz, Makeup design: Elvira Soledad Escobar, Graphic design: Florencia Asteggiano, Photography: Sofia Muiños,  Co-Author and Production assistant: Mauro Cosiansi, Acting and direction: Omayra Martínez Garzón, Target audience: girls, boys, adolescents and adults.


By traveling deeper, the unconscious mind becomes matter...

CREDITS: Actress-puppeteer: Omayra Martínez Garzón, Costume design and realization: Lina Boselli, Lighting design: Victor Chacón, Video editing: Javier Timossi, Original music by Jorge Crowe, Photography: RC Photography, Production assistance: Mauro Cosiansi, Director: Gabriel Brunetto, Target audience: teenagers and adults, Techniques: acting, object animation and video mapping.

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