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I have been working with Lambe Lambe Theatre since 2011. Throughout these years I have created different works that combine Puppet Theatre, Object Theatre and holographic projections. I have participated with my shows in festivals in Germany, Romania, Argentina , Chile, France, Brazil  and Spain


Sortilegio is a magical and mystical game where the inert comes to life. Gadgets, imagination and the spirit of the wind will be the essential elements to make visible before the eyes of the viewer a world governed by cosmic forces.


CREDITSAuthor and Performer: Omayra Martínez Garzón, Duration: 2:34 minutes per performance, Target audience: children, adolescents and adults,Techniques: projections on acrylic and rods. Video editing: Sebastián Camacho, Year of creation: 2019


She went to explore jungles of factories, smoke and concrete, Her name sounded like another name, Her face seemed like another face, but before leaving she let the landscapes of her land grow inside her, to sustain her at the moment when the border traced the distance.


CREDITS: Original Idea and interpretation: Omayra Martínez Garzón, Direction: Camila Landon Vio, Box: Omayra Martinez Garzon, Sound Universe: Pablo Ramos, Lighting: Sebastián Farah, Costumes: Larissa Miyashiro, Photography and audiovisual record: Cristobal Riffo, General Production: Sebastian Farah and Pamela San Martin, Colectivo Escena Cuántica, Diffusion and Graphic Design: Merca.


Mariposario is a journey inside a book, where the viewer is invited to immerse themselves in a world filled with fertility.

CREDITS: Author and Performer: Omayra Martínez Garzón, Duration: 2:06 minutes per function, Target audience: children, teenagers and adults, Techniques: rods and shadows, Year of creation: 2014.

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